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The TCM Classic Film Festival showcases films that have been revered over decades. For this year’s festival, we were asked to join the celebration by putting together a graphics package for the three day event in Hollywood.

Original Design Concepts by Doug Chang

Using the Grauman’s Chinese Theater as our primary key art, we pulled colors, textures, and the medallion to build our aesthetic.

Animation by Brian Landisman

We then combined the Grauman elements with iconic imagery from features such as The Jerk, the Graduate, The Palm Beach Story, and Born Yesterday to highlight familiar moments and sketch in scenes.

Styleframes by Erika Lee // Sketches by Ivan Viaranchyk

Inspired by the physical filmmaking process, we made an optical graphic stage which moves like the inner workings of a classic filmmaking tool — a Moviola or a Bolex H8.

Animation by Liu ChiaLung

Shifting, shutting, finding focus, and changing lenses are some of the mechanics that we graphically re-imagined to transition us from moment to moment. The animations act as the beating heart of analogue filmmaking — imperfect, rhythmic and sometimes, skipping a beat.

As we transition from scene to scene, we include hand-illustrated elements, creating a stronger connection to the filmmaking process and giving the designs a deeper analogue appeal. The elements we used consist of: generic storyboards, set design and wardrobe sketches, director’s notes, and camera schematics.

Sketches by Ivan Viaranchyk

Ultimately, all of our elements came together to create a package as spirited and timeless as the films themselves.

Thanks again to the folks at TCM for letting us take part and inviting us out to the festival.



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