TCM Film Festival 2019

Event Branding





For the 2019 annual TCM Classic Film Festival, the theme to follow was “love in all its forms”. Keeping this subject matter in mind, our design concepts incorporated all things romantic and joyful, from bright, pop-art colors, to illustrative film characters to graphic shapes.

Landing on an approach designed by Carol Cai, our style was centered around comedic and loving moments from each of this year’s featured classic films. Using cut-outs of all our favorite characters, brought to life with bright pops of color, we drew specialized illustrations for each environment, making every moment feel unique and heart-warming.

Our initial key art reflected this same concept, structured around relevant film quotes. Ultimately we felt the designs worked best without the type, having the characters come first and foremost.

Key Art Concepts "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" by Carol Cai
Final Key Art by Carol Cai

Using paper-like layers, tactile textures, small illustrative type-sets, and the TCM logo itself across the board, our animations have an intricately layered feel. The in-theater graphics peel back or connect these layers in a way that reveals famous scenes organically, while our ID’s use the rotating motion of the logo to transition in and out of loving moments with a wash of color.

In-Theater Graphics - Design by Carol Cai, Animation by Jane Wu, Casey Drogin, and Chris Scales

By layering paper-like and tactile textures, small illustrative type-sets and the TCM logo, we created a level of intricacy for each moment and a celebratory cohesion to the event branding as a whole.

In-Theater Graphics - Design by Carol Cai, Animation by Jane Wu, Casey Drogin, and Chris Scales
ID - Animation by Chris Scales

Lastly, our solicitation spots play with these elements in an origami-like motion, folding and unfolding each piece to reveal pertinent information, all leading up to the final endpage.

Solicitation Spots - Animation by Casey Drogin and Chris Scales
Sponsor Reel - Design by Carol Cai, Animation by Chris Scales

A big thanks to our partners at Turner for another year collaborating on the TCM Classic Film Fest. We’re in love with the result!


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