About The Studio

About the Studio

Our well established track record of delivering premium content dates back to our 2004 inception and can be attributed to the superior artistry, experience and dedication of our team. Collaborative thinking guides an ambitious group in pursuit of creative excellence. BigStar is known for elevating brands and stories by anticipating new media trends and integrating them into the craft of visual storytelling. With artistic magic and technical rigor we deliver premium design content that transcends mediums and heightens the stories we tell.


Josh Norton Founder, Exec. Creative Director

As creative director, Josh leads a dynamic team of artists, writers, directors and producers to develop visual approaches for branding and storytelling projects. Harnessing his talents and company resources to bring truth to power and life to brands, Josh has been creating outstanding visual experiences in the premium entertainment and advertising industries for over 20 years. In addition to being a creative executive and live-action director, Josh is an entrepreneur. He founded BigStar in 2004 and successfully nurtured its growth into a competitive and visionary motion graphics and production company. As a businessman, he believes in organic growth and continuous creative innovation through responsible management and calculated risk taking.

Throughout his storied, award-winning career, Josh has worked on a comprehensive list of media and communication projects with a focus on entertainment brand development and marketing.

Josh is originally from Buffalo, New York and now lives in lower Manhattan.

Carson Hood Executive Producer

For over five years, Carson Hood has played a crucial role as the executive producer at BigStar. Carson has a wide range of experience from producing to representing directors in the film and production industry. He shares a passion for collaborating on branding and storytelling initiatives with the creative team.

Over the course of his career, Carson has built a series of strong relationships with agencies, networks, brands, and production companies across the U.S. Utilizing his intuition, diverse background, and his ability to wear many hats, he has enabled the success of BigStar projects ranging from series and network branding, to integrated marketing and live action.

A connector at the core, Carson spends much of the time collaborating with his vast network of peers and influencers, honing client strategy, developing partnerships and expanding upon the BigStar portfolio. Always up for new challenges, Carson prides himself on being a trusted resource his clients can rely on to help make their projects come to fruition.

Originally from Lubbock, Texas, Carson spent over a decade residing in Manhattan and is now based in Austin, Texas with his wife, son and their dog, Bo (a local celebrity).

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