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In Season 3 of HBO's mind-bending series Westworld, our collective understanding of time and perspective are put to the test. We were tasked with creating a number of different promos that evoke the existential unknown by arranging some key Westworld moments in a consistent design language creating focus and intention. The promos feature the vistas, color, and personalities that make it all so rich, beautiful and human.

“I give BigStar props for gleaning so much of this on their own. That’s their genius—finding the architecture that relates to each of these character’s worlds.” - Sarah Yuro, HBO

By using a vertical, 7-panel layout - we are able to arrange meaningful and powerful compositions that create consistency across all four promos. The center panel features our hero who typically drives the narrative beat and influences the rest of the action.

"Rule of 7" Layout

Rather than displaying a single image to represent a moment in time, we are using our “seven” layout to tease the specific world that our main talent occupies. Our hero is always in the center, driving the composition and tone. Panels animate on in cuts much like notes being played on a piano to strike a chord, as they are experienced as one. The pace and musicality of the animation is crucial to conveying the suspense and mystery contained within the series.

Animation Test by Casey Drogin

Featured in The Daily Brief, our social teases reached audiences far and wide, with one tease also being shared by Westworld's own Aaron Paul on Instagram - a post that garnered more than 295,000 views.

Thanks to HBO as always for their creative collaboration! Catch the new season of Westworld on Sundays at 9pm.

See The Daily Brief article HERE.


Credits -

Executive Creative Director - Josh Norton
Executive Producer - Carson Hood
Head of Production - Virgil Conklin
Lead Animator - Casey Drogin
Animator - Alec Iselin
Designer - Ann Kruetzkamp

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