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Personal stories and experiences with natural wellness trends are the focus of Netflix’s original docu-series, (Un)Well. From bee sting therapy to essential oils and tantric sex, our partners at Left/Right wanted the series graphics to be as multi-faceted as the stories being told. With each episode covering both perspectives on the good and bad of each subject, we needed to strike a balance of clear, concise information in tandem with the emotional and the spiritual.

Show Title Exploration

Starting with our approach to the title sequence, we used the human figure as a metaphor for two states of being: wellness and unwellness. The figures representing wellness are posed almost spiritually in a light-filled sublime, while we intercut with tableaus of the same figures falling, and sinking in a dark chasm. Layered elements to these scenes like flowers and money start off stark and strong, before crumpling and dying or turning to dust. Created in Cinema4D and rendered in Redshift, we were able to establish a sense of depth to each scene, towing the line between elation and despair at every transition.

Wireframe Title Sequence Shots in C4D

The title sequence look would greatly inform our approach to the episodic graphics, especially in terms of using 3D figures. Re-iterating this language into the “body graphics”, we created male and female 3D models and a 3D brain to help communicate what happens to the body internally in various situations; for example, what happens when the body has an allergic reaction to a bee sting, or what happens in the brain during an orgasm.

Blind Case Study and Pyramid Scheme Infographics

Our 3D language was also reflected across the board for our infographics, including explainers for how a pyramid scheme works, to a conceptual “supermarket” stocked with bottles of breast milk.

Early "Body" Render vs. Final

Implementing our 3D language into the “body graphics”, we built male and female 3D models and a 3D brain to help communicate what happens to the body internally in various situations.

"Body on Ayahuasca" Render
3D Brain Renders

On top of our infographic and 3D figures, we delivered a range of documents, website and photo treatments, and Instagram scrolls.

Milk Bottle 3D Graphic
Photo and Chart Treatments

A huge thanks to the team at Left/Right for their close collaboration throughout the development of the series! Watch (Un)Well, streaming on Netflix now.


Credits -

Creative Director - John Leamy
Executive Producer - Carson Hood
Producer - Kristen Pritchett
Main Title Design & Concept - John Leamy
Design - Theo Daley, Carol Cai, Doug Chang

3D Animation - Liu Chia-Lung, Conner O’Brien
2D Animation - Liu Chia-Lung, Brian Landisman, Matthew Rankin

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