Tidying Up

Show Package


The Jackal Group / Netflix



Mid-2018, we were approached by the Jackal Group with Netflix’s brand new show--Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Kondo’s tidying philosophy had become an international sensation and her bright personality and life approach captured our interest immediately. It was time to spark joy!

In our initial round, we hit the deck with her branding style guide in mind. We drew inspiration from her recognized color palette such as Jade and Cinnabar, sans serif fonts and the structural integrity of origami, compartmentalization, and categorical organization.

Original Design Concepts by Rachael Park, Ann Kruetzkamp, and Josh Norton

After designing four concepts, our duo-tone block type idea for the open & show package emerged from the stack and it was time to express our gratitude to the others.

Card design by Ross Henderson / Animation by Brian Landisman

Next, we honed in the colors and animation for our five-second open and ultimately delivered a neat package of simple categorical transitions, hand-drawn illustrated animations, custom title cards, lower thirds and location IDs, and custom toolkits.

Instructional Videos - by Jane Wu and Carol Cai

It was an excellent collaboration with The Jackal Group & Netflix and we congratulate them and Kondo herself for all the success of the show!

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