The Truth About Killer Robots

Film Design


Third Party Films



In an HBO Original Documentary about our increasing dependence on artificial intelligence, we collaborated with the team over at Third Party Films to generate the overall graphics approach for The Truth About Killer Robots.

At the center of his film lies the question: “when a robot kills a human, who takes the blame?” - Zach Vasquez, The Guardian

Initial Main Title Exploration by Doug Chang

We began by exploring design for the main title, and ultimately ended up with a monospace scan-line treatment. Our next step was to bring the credit sequence to life by marrying motion with sound effects and footage of robotics working away meticulously, all leading up to the main title reveal over an off-black backdrop.

Final Main Title Sequence by Doug Chang and Casey Drogin

Once we locked the main title, we began designing all other elements for the film. While most of the graphics were bespoke, these allowed use to create a diverse film design in our animations for each unique or bizarre story. Through this approach, we created robot simulations, diagrams, coding simulations, and schematic blueprints.

Animation by Chris Scales, Brian Landisman and Casey Drogin

For the lower thirds & location IDs, we developed the technical behaviors of facial and spatial recognition for each subject (including the narrating robotic figure) as their names and locations become deciphered. These custom IDs added a layer of cohesion and appealed to the overhanging tone of artificial intelligence surveillance.

Animation by Chris Scales and Brian Landisman

We loved the process from start to finish and the opportunity to tell a story that will continue to develop throughout the ages. Thanks again to our partners, artists & computers for the collaboration!

Animation by Casey Drogin


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