The One Show 2017

Graphic Branding


The One Club



For the sixth year in a row, we were given the opportunity to develop graphics for The One Show, and each time, we’ve continued to up the ante.

Design & Animation by Alec Iselin

Last year, we conceptualized, designed and animated the acrobatic gold pencil. The black and gold added a layer of elegance, while the animation upheld the creative spirit and themes of the show itself.

Design & Animation by Alec Iselin

This year we took everything a step further, pushing boundaries and exploring new, more advanced methods of Octane rendering to give the animations a sleek, modern appeal.

Designs by Alec Iselin // Octane Rendering by Kevin Sanchez

We also introduced another slice of architecture — the split-screen. By implementing this visual, we were able to reveal the pencils from different viewpoints simultaneously. Altogether, it allowed us to expand the personality and the environment where each pencil could move and take shape.

Design by Alec Iselin // Animation by Liu ChiaLung

Congrats to all the 2017 pencil winners, and here’s to another year with the folks at The One Club. We can’t wait to see what comes next.


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