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In an effort to elevate the already classic TCM Network brand, we partnered with the good folks at Turner to create a series of five new TCM ID’s, all centered around a crucial aspect of filmmaking.

To truly capture the essence of Turner Classic Movies, while also showing off what makes each of the chosen mediums so important, we showcase a Hollywood classic with each of our specific network IDs. From The Wizard of Oz for costume design to Casablanca for movie score - these pairings remind us of what makes classical filmmaking so special.

For the process of cinematography, we nod to 2001: A Space Odyssey, breaking apart the Panavision lens into a series of rings and focus markers, eventually cutting to focus on the iconic bone to satellite scene.

"Cinematography" - Final 15-sec ID
Early wireframe animation vs. final

The legendary car chase scene from Steve McQueen's Bullitt flashes by frame by frame on a film splicer in our Network ID homage to editing.

"Editing" - Final 15-sec ID
Early wireframe animation vs. final

The beautifully written script for Bonnie and Clyde appears line by line on an era-specific typewriter, and leaps from the page in our celebration of screenwriting.

"Screenwriting" - Final 15-sec ID
Early wireframe animation vs. final

In our spotlight for Casablanca's music scoring, notes animate onto sheet music, transitioning into piano keys and iconic clips from the film.

"Music Score" - Final 15-sec ID
Early wireframe animation vs. final

Finally, in an overarching theme for each ID, we integrated footage from each film's heroic moments, featuring our favorite stars. This drives the narrative and allows the viewer to truly connect and relate to each process we represent.

Designing all spots in Cinema4D and rendering fully in Redshift gave us a slick, cinematic final result in 3D.

TCM Logo with all 5 IDs

Thanks as always to our partners and friends at Turner for shining a light on the filmmaking behind our favorite stories!


Credits -

Exec. Creative Director - Josh Norton
Exec. Producer - Carson Hood
Head of Production - Virgil Conklin
Art Director - Theo Daley
3D Animation - Jay Kim, Theo Daley, Conner O'Brien

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