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A Cinematic Vision of Style was the theme of Ralph Lauren’s Spring 2020 collection and BigStar was given the privilege of bringing this idea to life for the promotion of the collection. With a robust team of creatives on their side came the request for animation development of three highly-stylized posters that showcased a selection of new styles for Spring. The posters would be used on displays in stores globally, their social media and website.

Early Storyboards for Poster 1

Their team provided us with fully crafted design layouts featuring the top looks of their new collection. The rich colors and cinematic poster-art had an inspired vintage feel. We took the first locked poster design and began testing different animation techniques. At first, the inclination was to build the world from the ground up, starting with a blank canvas and painting on close ups of each vignette. We continued to develop our techniques and camera movements as the animation took us on a tour through each scene.

Early motion tests for Poster 1

"We settled on a method to employ ink footage as 'windows' into the artwork. Then, we used a variety of paint footage to draw each section of the artwork on. This allowed me to control a 3D camera through the ink and highlight different sections of RL's beautiful paintings." - Casey Drogin, Lead Animator

Poster 1 final animation

We drew inspiration from the illustrated style and created a custom, brush stroke methodology combined with ink mattes to illuminate and bring the photographic scenes to life. As the Ralph Lauren team continued to refine the remaining two designs, we mastered the animation language for the first. The next two posters were equally charged with the vintage feel and we tailored our techniques to the new images for each.

Poster 2 and Poster 3 final animation

Ultimately, we reversed the animation on all three individual posters, diving into each world and landing on a reveal of the Ralph Lauren logo, which acted as a loop point to sew together all three for a full 45-second spot. The :45 and individual :15s were then conformed to multiple sizes that ran on monitors in their stores globally and online.

Ralph Lauren displaying our work in-store

Thanks to the Ralph Lauren team for bringing us on. We were thrilled to see our work displayed and interacted with on a daily basis.


Credits -

Executive Creative Director - Josh Norton
Executive Producer - Carson Hood
Producer - Shannon Hall
Animation - Casey Drogin

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