Meet the Press Film Festival 2018

Festival Branding & Event Graphics





For the 2nd annual Meet the Press Film Fest with AFI, our partners at NBC came back to us looking for a fresh take on our 2017 festival branding. As we began our approach to this year’s concepts, we wanted to take our original graphics to the next level, while staying true to the overall style and focusing on imagery that would best represent the festival’s themes.

This design concept gave us the flexibility to utilize negative space mixed with full frame imagery in order to convey complex as well as simplistic story elements.

Collage References

We quickly nailed down our first concept, which used bold design elements and iconography, layered together in a three-dimensional collage. This concept gave us the flexibility to utilize negative space mixed with full frame imagery, conveying complex as well as simplistic story elements. The design kept with the subject matter call-outs from our previous branding, yet stripped it down to the bare minimum to make each icon truly stand out.

Three Original Design Concepts - by Doug Chang and Ross Henderson

When jumping into key art, we were given the opportunity to really expand upon our print portfolio, translating our design into individual posters, with each documentary’s main subject represented on its own. Alongside this, we delivered all digital assets for the website and for social.

Key Art | L to R - Immigration, Voting Rights, Climate Change, All/Logo

Our film leader and promo followed along with the collage-like feel, transitioning seamlessly from one issue to another in a rich, layering motion that could draw focus into the depth of each subject.

Film Leader Animation by Casey Drogin

We were thrilled to have the chance to work on this package for the second year in a row, and can’t wait to see the festival continue to grow and screen these important films with the public. Thanks again to NBC for the opportunity!

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