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To welcome the NCAA March Madness tournament back for the 2021 season, our friends at Turner Sports came to us asking for an energetic spot to showcase the March Madness app in a fully graphic expression. Our role was to design a fully 3D brand video that would communicate the energy and community the app provides, a departure from the celeb heavy spots of years past.

Style frames by BGSTR

An additional element for consideration was that of course, many of those fans would be watching this year’s tournament from their homes. For us, that meant showing how the community the tournament is known for could be accessed via the March Madness app. This is the experience that guided how the whole creative concept was built out and how the idea of being Made for Madness originated. After presenting several options, the setup featuring different compositions of animated phones transitioning in and out and creating that connection through CG hands and living rooms resonated with the client and we were off to the races.

Early render vs final animation

Our team, which consisted primarily of two designers and four animators, took a highly methodical approach to the spot as a whole, each boarding out the spot shot-by-shot to ensure the energy and story were well represented in every moment. We brought in our clients at Turner for joint spotting sessions during which we analyzed each scene.

“BGSTR was incredibly collaborative throughout the whole process and really brought our vision to life. This was a bit of a departure from our typical workflow and their creative expertise, particularly with CG, was invaluable. It felt like a true partnership that delivered a finished product we felt was bold, vibrant, and engaging.” - Tyler Lassiter, Assoc. Creative Director at Turner Sports

The editorial moments we selected were the result of our team effort to ensure the best shots and memorable moments of tournaments past made the spot. This highly collaborative environment enabled us to efficiently move through the promo and was a major factor in the project's success.

In the end, we delivered a :30 second fully graphic spot in addition to a number of cutdowns and spots for social use and loved seeing them all in full rotation throughout the entire tournament.


Credits -

Executive Creative Director - Josh Norton
Executive Producer - Carson Hood
Head of Production - Virgil Conklin
Design - Theo Daley, Conner O'Brien, Nick Woythaler
Animation - Conner O'Brien, Nick Woythaler, Brian Landisman, Nicolas Donatelli

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