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SYFY’s highly anticipated new series, Krypton, follows the journey of Superman’s grandfather in the fight to save his home planet. As we pitched six design concepts for the teaser promo, our ultimate intention was to build a sense of excitement around a new twist in the already familiar Superman origin story.

"Bloodline" and "Place & Purpose" Pitch References
Bloodline Original Storyboards

Winning the pitch with an incorporation of two concepts, our CG tease opens with a drop of blood falling onto the surface of a rocky, fiery planet, pulling outwards to reveal the familiar steel “S” logo. By rendering fully in Octane, we were able to develop a world that could marry various textures together with the fluidity of blood, the spark of fire, and the rigid materials of rock and steel.

Early Planet Render vs. Final

After successful completion of the teaser promo, we moved forward to create a versatile on-air and digital graphics package for the show as a whole. Complete with title cards, endpages, SYFY buttons, lower thirds, transitions, and backplates, our designs were used to define the overall look of the show, finalizing delivery with a custom Krypton styleguide to boot.

Krypton follows the journey of Superman’s grandfather in the fight to save his home planet.

Further on, our collaboration with SYFY progressed, as they decided to continue expanding the brand with us. With an ask for custom character spots, we dove deeper into Krypton. These :15sec spots were executed with custom rendered backgrounds of the house Glyphs, and comped with SYFY’s green-screen footage of each main character. After keying and roto-ing the footage, we polished 6 character spots that would give exclusive insight into the world of Krypton.

In final conjunction with the rest of the package, we built on the buzz around the show by creating unique “quote spots” that would incorporate production shots with various press quotes. This created a distinguished, integrated moment of the beautiful Krypton footage paired with the design we created here at BigStar.

After a continuous collaboration with SYFY, we were able to help build the Krypton brand from the ground up. A whole-hearted thanks to our partners for the heroic work!



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