Car Week

Image Campaign


History Channel



History Channel came to us looking for an image campaign for their first ever Car Week, where collectors, buyers and traders come together to talk hot rods.

After pitching 5 ideas, one stood out above the rest and the original ask shifted into producing one bold statement.

reference & style frames

The “H” has been a key component to the History brand over the years, and they wanted to use the icon to introduce Car Week with a unique twist — and what speaks to classic american car enthusiasts better than the Muscle Car?

Our five car models

We began by stripping the “H” down to the nuts and bolts, and then immediately revved up our engines with two of our top 3D artists. We turned around the first ride and successfully delivered on creative.

The thing is, History loved it so much, they wanted an additional four. So it was off to the races once more, and our team was thrilled to jump back in.

GTO Rendering by Kevin Sanchez
Dodge Charger Rendering by Kevin Sanchez & Ned Piayadarakorn
Ford truck animation by Alec Iselin

Building and rendering these with Octane allowed us to create an accurate representation of the car’s anatomy, hone in on the details of each part, and up the production value of each render.

Scene animated by Ned Piayadarakorn

Thanks again to History Channel for their creative insight and taste. We can’t wait to see where we go next.


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