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BGSTR was honored to work with the Ad Council on this timely piece to encourage social distancing and inform the public on the best methods of fire safety. We began by pitching a number of illustrative looks, all varying in style. We felt that a unique and vibrant mixed-media approach would be an equally exciting and effective way to engage our viewers - both young and old. Starting from our 30-second master spot, we built out a messaging tree that extended to all touchpoints. From there, the actions and characters we created were pulled to tell their own stories in additional social media posts.

Early storyboards

"Because of the current uncertain times, we wanted to keep the message positive and entertaining."

In total, we had 16 lessons that we wanted to get across in a fun, compelling way. Because of the current uncertain times, our aim was to keep the message positive and entertaining. Flexing our creative strengths in storytelling, we used a combination of original design and illustration, while utilizing real photography within dynamic animations.

In addition to featuring our spot on their Instagram and Twitter accounts, AdCouncil used our artwork in their online PSA, Be Safe Outdoors.

Screenshots pulled from AdCouncil's "Be Safe Outdoors" online PSA

Our signature multimedia approach was a great place to start this project from. John Leamy, the creative director and main illustrator on this project, was up to the task. When using a more illustrative angle, we had the opportunity to create sharable, snackable social posts, that Ad Council continues to utilize.

Once we had our one-of-a-kind look and story for the campaign, we produced a modular 30-second spot from which we developed each unique social post. In total, we delivered our 30-second spot, 8 social spots across a number of different platforms, and 21 pieces of the original artwork. Thanks to the Ad Council for the collaboration!


Credits -

Executive Creative Director - Josh Norton
Creative Director - John Leamy
Executive Producer - Carson Hood
Head of Production - Virgil Conklin
Designer - John Leamy
Animation - Casey Drogin
Audio - Eddie Cooper / Plush

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