Fear the Walking Dead

S4 Promo





AMC reached out to us to pitch for a promo that would amplify the terror and chaos of Fear the Walking Dead season four. With this as our jumping off point, we dove right in to concept building.

We wanted our concepts to capture the terrors that each character had endured thus far, and the physical manifestation of those experiences.

"Strobe" References & Original Styleframes

We honed our initial research into learning each character’s personal struggles throughout the series and then the broader story as a whole. After in-depth writing and reference gathering, we ended up pitching 7 unique concepts.

Design by Doug Chang, Animation by Brian Landisman

The creative stars aligned and we won the pitch with our concept, “STROBE”. AMC produced original shots of the characters in a dark environment that allowed each main character a chance to profile their storylines. Using bites from the show, we carefully selected phrases that would frame their identities, nod to potential twists in season four, and get the fans’ blood racing.

Our editor, Jose Laya teamed up with one of our most trusted in-house animators, Brian Landisman, to energize the footage and create a visceral promo that’s percussive, aggressive and fun as hell to watch. The sound design and pulsing interplay between character moments, zombie counterparts, and typography builds up each person’s fears and flaws, as we quickly transition in and out of close-ups, landscapes, and flashes of “walkers”.

We also designed uniquely rendered type for each keyword, creating a style and specialized color palette that would evoke a feeling of the rot and decay of zombies.

Design by Doug Chang

In the end, we delivered a hard-hitting 60-second and 30-second spot that would be used across all platforms to ramp up excitement for the season 4 premiere. Thanks again to our partners at AMC!

Animation by Brian Landisman

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