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In celebration of the 52nd season of Documentary Now! we collaborated with the creative team at IFC to produce a look for their latest season premiere promo package and trailer.

Editorial: Fortress of Evil
Sound Design and Mix: Big Barn Mix, Tom Laskas

We had a strong creative brief that suggested the use of bright colors and simple shapes derived from retro film festival posters to tell our story. As the team at IFC continued to explore key art, they provided huge inspiration to us as we began the process.

We took their initial look and gathered more design inspiration from big bold type, sequential colors, portrait treatments and shapes. After sharing and discussing our inspiration deck, the creative stars aligned and we designed five distinctive looks: graphic geometry, retro personality, false dimension, stacked type, and clean expressive type.

Original Boards - Graphic Geometry, Retro Personality, False Dimension

We chose Helvetica because we like it. - Ross Henderson, Design Director

Original Boards - Stacked Type, Clean Expressive Type

The latter 2 concepts were championed and after one more round of polished design, we went right into motion.

The animation style plays like a stop motion piece... Any given frame can look detached but when played back, they create symmetry as a whole. - Chris Scales, Animator

The simplicity of our hero font, Helvetica, married with bold bright shapes informed us of the approach we wanted to take in motion. It needed to be clean, a little uncomfortable, and have as much personality as the characters themselves. The use of film strips, large letterforms and stacked type all worked together with alternating textures and snappy color shifts to achieve this behavior.

Being on the same page creatively throughout the process was a blast and we loved raising the bar with IFC and Fortress of Evil on such a fun, impressive project.

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