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"Dear Santa director hopes new doc brings holiday cheer to 'god-awful' year" - Entertainment Weekly

We could all use a little holiday cheer this year - so when director Dana Nachman came to us with the film, Dear Santa, we were thrilled to get involved! Centered around the hardworking folks at the USPS who spearhead the Dear Santa program, the film shines a light on all of the letters written to Santa and sent to the North Pole each year.

Letter Animations

With plenty of heart-warming and adorable subject-matter to build off of, our job was to graphically showcase these letters and texts to Santa with as much holiday magic as possible. For our title sequence, we drew custom illustrations on top of the footage, and used this illustrative technique in various ways throughout the film. From collage-driven infographic explainers to practical letter animations, our graphic look thrives on the magic and happiness of Christmas-time.

Texts from Santa

In addition to the hand-drawn effect of the opening credits, letters and texts to Santa, we did a number of other animated sequences, including the adorable Dutch Bunny sequence featured below.

Location IDs and Text Cards
"Dutch bunny" Animation

Thanks to KTF Films and Dana Nachman for bringing this heart-warming story to us!


Credits -

Executive Creative Director - Josh Norton
Executive Producer - Carson Hood
Producer - Shannon Hall
Design Director - Ross Henderson
Art Director - Jane Wu
Design - Ivan Viaranchyk, Carol Cai
Animation - Ivan Viaranchyk, Carl Dempsey, Casey Drogin


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