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Working alongside CNBC, BigStar was given the chance to re-brand “Closing Bell”, the iconic, long-running show which covers daily stock market movements and other important, market-centric news. Starting from the ground up, we drew inspiration from physical, tactile materials like glass, stone and steel, in order to build a sleek and exciting graphics package for the show.

Physical Textures and Color Story

In our initial concepts, we aimed to blend those physically real textures with graphic accents that would create an architecture you wanted to reach out and touch. Using what was the current CNBC blue as a visual touchstone, we expanded the design language and color palette by adding in new shades, tones, and complementary colors.

Early design exploration for the Closing Bell open

The design direction we ultimately decided to push forward with incorporates marble, light and glass - all of which combine to create blocks representing individual stocks. The blocks animate in waves, representing the ebb and flow of the market, and even combine to create the surfaces and contours of the NYSE building.

Our open design concept also gave us an expansive environment to explore the final Closing Bell logo lock-up. After rendering various directions, we felt that the logo on glass, over the pillars of the Stock Exchange established the tone with a stroke of finality.

Logo Exploration Clean & Rendered (below)

Playing off of our show open language, our three “segment” intros animate fluidly through our “glass” world. Continuing to use data and the stock market arrows to drive animation, each segment has a layered, energetic feel.

"Market Zone" Animation
Segment openings for: Driving the Action, Market Dashboard, and Word on the Street

Tying off our delivery with transitions, bumps and branded background and logo loops, the package really comes together as a sophisticated, elegant and overall elevated brand.

Background Loops

Thanks to CNBC for their partnership!


Credits -

Exec. Creative Director - Josh Norton
Exec. Producer - Carson Hood
Head of Production - Virgil Conklin
Design Director - Ross Henderson
Design - Nick Woythaler, Conner O'Brien, Carol Cai
3D Animation - Nick Woythaler, Conner O'Brien, Brian Landisman, Alec Iselin

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