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Our long time collaborator, director Marcus K. Jones, always brings a high level of beauty and creativity to everything he touches. This Clinique spot is no exception. After Marcus shot and cut the piece, he wanted to add an extra animated element of pure fun. He came to us, and we took it and ran.

We started by boarding and experimenting with the piece. We looked at multiple ways to visually enhance its whimsical live-action, and to translate its musical heart into something ultra playful and popping with color.

After Marcus saw the initial test, he turned us loose. As long as we stuck to our two fonts (Helvetica and Didot, of course) and the four colors, we had carte blanche!

Inspired by the lively buzz of spring in New York, and the urban energy of our very own West Chelsea neighborhood, we dug in and made it sing. Literally.


Murder in the Bayou

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