American Music Awards

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Earlier this fall, ABC came to us looking for a promo package for the American Music Awards. The star-studded awards show has thrived and honored musicians for decades, while always staying fresh and exciting.

AMA Promo Package - Sizzle
AMA Design References

This year, we were asked to create a package that could live on their social & broadcast spots. For this package, we explored realms of neon & sound. The electricity generated from audio waves and the color of the AMA’s past ceremonies drove our reference deck and we went after 3 directions: projections, neon, and audio waves.

3 Concepts / 4 Boards

After presenting the 4 boards, we all agreed that the idea of visualizing sound in the reimagined “audio wave” world was what we wanted to go after. Our powerhouse 3D designers/animators jumped right in and owned the space, ultimately rendering a flexible 3D world that ABC could use in all the promos they launched.

AMA Promo Open Animation
AMA Promo Interstitial Animation

Shortly following the delivery of the AMA show package, ABC came back to us looking for a completely original live action, 3D spot to announce this year’s show.

Object & Rendering References
Color & Lighting References

With a tight turnaround and a big creative ask, we were thrilled to be on the same page creatively and have our pockets filled with talented artists who could come together and not only pull it off, but take it into the magical realm it deserved.

AMA 2017 Launch Spot
Launch Spot Boards

We developed style frames and hand drawn boards, allowing us to conduct a live action one-day shoot over at Bravo Studios in Manhattan. We shot the hands on green at 6K so we could punch in and roto the hands to clean up any green spill and ensure a smooth composite.

Shoot at Bravo Studios
Exploding 3D Objects

As we worked on the 2D composition, tracking, and the integration of the hands, we rendered out 3D objects, type, and lighting to create our enchanting world.

In the end, we delivered a modular toolkit that allowed the folks at ABC to produce multiple spots and keep the surprise of talent reveals alive. Everyone who comes out of the box will all perform LIVE on stage for this weekend’s big night — so be sure tune in this Sunday! Thanks again to the focused, creative and dedicated team at ABC.


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