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In 2018, Isotope films came to us with the true story of Jane Roe and all that surrounded the Roe v. Wade 1973 landmark case. Narrated by Norma Mcorvy, A.K.A. Jane Roe, she unravels the story of her life and how she was chosen to be the plaintiff in the critical Supreme Court decision. We used our design expertise to ensure that we were telling this famous story in a whole new way.

2018 design exploration

It was no small task to define and conquer the look and feel of the film that would set the tone for the open and each era. We took a layered approach that could showcase photography from the time mixed with maps, documents and text elements for depth.

Early logo lockup

As we dove into animation for the film, we found our groove in a style that was bold and a little rough around the edges to echo Norma’s story.

Photo treatments in our 2018 style

As the film continued to gain traction, Isotope & FX came back to us with a desire to bring a little more simplicity to the film. With this, we dove back in to create a new design language, wrapped with elegance and cinematic energy in motion.

2020 design exploration
Photo sequence in our 2020 style
Newspaper and footage treatment in our 2020 style

The film premiered on FX and Hulu in May 2020. Thanks again to Isotope & FX!

2020 logo lockup

Credits -

Executive Creative Director - Josh Norton
Executive Producer - Carson Hood
Design Director - Ross Henderson
Producer - Shannon Hall
Animation - Jane Wu, Brian Landisman, Dorca Musseb
Design - Ivan Viaranchyk

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