A Goodbye to Girls

Promo Design





The series finale of HBO’s Girls aired on April 16th, giving its fans one last farewell. HBO came to us looking for a promo that would embody the spirit of Girls from beginning to end.

Mosaic Design by Raphael Pazoumian

Inspired by contact sheets and polaroids, we liked how simply these elements could capture a moment in time and create a sense of nostalgia. We used this concept to build a tactile, graphic architecture. This grid, coupled with materials from HBO, helped showcase the extraordinary nature of each character and their development over the show’s six seasons.

In animation, we intercut pieces of one-on-one interviews with the cast, writers, and producers reminiscing on their time with the show. Altogether, the scenes were built into a larger piece, racking focus and using a more organic rendering of the type to bring a time-stamped quality to the piece.

With warm colors, fun type, and a catchy song, the spot came together with a bittersweet sendoff.

Special thanks to HBO and Senior Creative, John Wilhelmy for letting us say our goodbyes to Girls.


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