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In a series documenting the different weeks leading up to six big events, 7 Days Out allowed us to help visually add to the excitement and anticipation of a classic countdown. Collaborating with director and partner, Andrew Rossi, we conceptualized various ways of representing this timeline in the open and throughout the series.

We went into this project locked and loaded with fantastic footage from Rossi’s team and began to develop a graphic language that could span each episode and still emphasize the tension and drama of the individual stories. While we explored colors, dynamic animations, and graphic beds, we ultimately decided that the clean black and white approach could live across all narratives.

To ensure we could successfully translate the look over any type of footage, we began to hone in on the main title as we continued to generate a variety of in-show calendar tests. We brought in one of our favorite editors to nail the editorial and graphic look. Ultimately, we tied together a mix of the knockout type and our calendar over the montage.

This approach brought a sophisticated and unified feel to the series design, while our countdown clock animations created tension and drama throughout each episode.

Once we had the defined direction, production took off and we created a 7 to 1 calendar design structure that could strike through the days up until the Westminister Dog Show, the grand re-opening of Eleven Madison Park, the NASA Cassini space mission, the Chanel fashion show in Paris, the Kentucky Derby and the high-stakes League of Legends tournament.

We had a blast creating this sophisticated and unified series package to help tell some truly incredible stories. Thanks to Boardwalk Pictures, Andrew Rossi, and Netflix for their partnership along the way!


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