15 Septembers Later

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From time to time, we’re rewarded with projects that allow us to tell some of the most important stories. They make us look at the big picture, and transcend our daily lives. 15 Septembers Later is certainly one of those projects.

Left/Right Productions reached out in early 2016 about the documentary they were creating for History Channel, and we got involved right away in figuring out its signature look.

Initial design frames by Doug Chang
Process of 3D WTC Render by Alec Iselin

The film spans the past 15 years, detailing new developments and perspectives on the events and the investigations that followed. Through on-screen, archival text messages from that day, 15 Septembers Later creates an intimate portrait of the lives that were affected.

Text message design and animation by Alec Iselin
Text message design and animation by Alec Iselin

From firefighter to firefighter, police chief to lieutenant, mother to son, and husband to wife, the messages are chilling and poignant. We took the messages and gave them a “museum quality” look, ensuring the text, and in turn the film, would feel timeless.

Chapter heading design and animation by Alec Iselin
Chapter heading design and animation by Alec Iselin

Alongside the Left/Right team, we shot elements around Manhattan and inside the National September 11 Memorial and Museum to capture real surfaces for use in the cold open and chapter headings. These plates were used to create an integrated graphic language that became the visual theme for the film and bring the level of production value and style to the film that it deserves.


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