Volume 6

December 07, 2016

Project Runway Jr.

Season Two Promo

Imagine walking around the city — you see giant scissors cutting through rivers like dolphins, zippers undressing buildings, and mannequins being brought to life. That’s exactly what our good friend Danny Feder of Lifetime had dreamt up when we got the call to create a graphics-heavy promo for season two of Project Runway Jr.

Scene designed by Doug Chang and Ivan Viaranchyk

Inspired by a fashion designer’s sketchbook, we wove fashion elements through cityscapes. Each step of this project was imaginative and collaborative.

Scene Designed by Doug Chang. Illustration by Simon Ampel. Animation and Compositing by Raphael Pazoumian and Bolin Zhou

With a full team of creatives, we collected inspiration from everywhere: fashion references and cityscapes, sketchbook drawings and collages, patterns and measurements, until we dressed up the city.

Scene Designed by Doug Chang. Illustration by Simon Ampel. Animation and Compositing by Raphael Pazoumian, Bolin Zhou, and Alec Iselin
Design and Illustration by Doug Chang & Ivan Viaranchyk. Animation and Compositing by Bolin Zhou

We started with hand-drawn illustrations and our designer added more rendered elements. Next, we dove into illustrative animation, tracked and composited, and then finalized the motion.

Design by Doug Chang. Animation and Compositing by Bolin Zhou and Ivan Viaranchyk

A big thanks to Lifetime and our artists for using their broad imaginations and determination to “Make It Work”.


December 07, 2016

Years of Living Dangerously

Teaser & Trailer

We love working on projects that are both entertaining and informative. So when NatGeo came to us to produce a graphics package for their Years of Living Dangerously promo, we took it and ran.

Designs by Erika Lee
Animation by Jeffrey Kordova

The landscapes are set as a backdrop that shift into motion, creating a sense of urgency.

To show the environmental destruction of our planet, we brought together beautiful, epic landscapes and arid, endangered environments. NatGeo had incredible aerial and underwater photography from all over the world. This set the tone for our work, and allowed nature to speak for itself.

Source photography from NatGeo

The landscapes are set as a backdrop that shift into motion, creating a sense of urgency. We use type and graphics to drive the behavior, and our images always animate in a jarring and unsettling way. Ultimately, our approach was to create a sense of chaos and urgency, reflecting on the reality behind climate change.

Animation by Jeffrey Kordova

Thanks again to NatGeo for being great partners once again, and for allowing us to take part a second time in Years of Living Dangerously.


December 07, 2016

Artist Spotlight: Erika Lee


Erika Lee combines all of the aspects of motion design we love — illustration, typography, graphic design, and 3D.

Her storyboards showcase smart, well-crafted and altogether stunning frames. Her vision is often seamlessly communicated to animators — exemplifying her understanding of motion and storytelling. Each frame is considered and every element serves a purpose.

Erika comes to projects with a researcher’s mind. She wants to know anything and everything about the subject she’s addressing, and finds the oddities, the truths, and the beauty of those subjects.

Q&A with Erika Lee:

Why do you spend your time doing motion graphics?

Motion graphics allows me to be able to combine different skill sets like graphic design, typography, illustration, concept art, and 3D to communicate ideas and stories. What makes you love what you do, if you love it?

I love collaborating with talented creatives who inspire me to look at the different possibilities of a project and push the boundaries of design. Creative thinking is always more fun with people, and it’s exciting to look at a design challenge in a new way and disrupt the usual expectations of a project.

Design Frame for Project Runway Jr. by Erika Lee

What side of the design/graphics world are you looking in on/what makes you different?

I don’t want to put myself in a box to only doing one style and type of work, but I want to continue to grow in many mediums and skill sets. For the future, I am focusing on expanding my knowledge in 3D, character and environmental concept art, and typography. By constantly learning, I can bring a different perspective to the table when working in a team on future projects.

What is your goal?

My goal is to not be afraid to fail, but to keep going and do better, not the same.

Design Frame for Project Runway Jr. by Erika Lee

How long have you been doing what you do?

When I was a kid, I would draw my own inventions in a little notepad. I feel like I get to access the same creative part of my mind everyday at work, inventing new concepts, designs, and worlds that don’t exist in reality.

How do you want to be remembered?

I want to remembered as someone who told stories that meant something whether it’s to only a few or many.

What influenced you?

The power of storytelling when watching your favorite films as a child is something you never forget. I remember feeling a mixture of empathy, anger, sadness the moment Mufasa dies in The Lion King. That’s one of the many moments that influenced me to have a desire to use storytelling to make a connection with viewers.

What are you most passionate about professionally? What most excites you about your work & the contribution you can make?

I’m passionate about storytelling through beautiful designs and intriguing imagery. We are often bombarded with not-so-good design out in the world, and I would love to contribute something meaningful with a thoughtful design aesthetic that makes people stop and listen.

Design Frame for Years of Living Dangerously by Erika Lee

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