Volume 5

October 28, 2016


Opening Title Sequence & Film Design

If you’ve ever lived in a congested metropolis, you’ve probably developed a difficult relationship with, or possibly even a phobia of, rats. If you haven’t, you might come close to feeling like a city dweller after watching Morgan Spurlock’s new horror documentary, RATS.

Our friends at Warrior Poets asked us to create an open for their film which takes a global look at our relationship with rats It needed to be unsettling, it needed to be creepy, and it needed to reflect how you feel when you walk home at night and something resembling a large cat, but is clearly not, runs over your foot to get to the promised land of a pile of garbage.

Archival stills of humans and their relationships with Rats: pulled from extensive stock research.

Finding the right materials to set the stage for the film was one of our biggest challenges. We burrowed and foraged for archival footage and photographic elements that could offer us a historic context for our relationship with rats. Then, armed with a bank of imagery we went to work, weaving our story of parallel paths and conflict. Applying simple design architecture based on the RATS letterforms and footage treatments, we were able to create an intentional and tense visual through-line that crescendos with the title reveal.

Design Frames for the Rats Opening Title Sequence by Doug Chang

A special thanks goes to the Warrior Poets creative and producers for always being engaged and generating great ideas throughout the process.

Have fun watching and don’t wear sandals in the city.


October 28, 2016

American Party Animals

Warrior Poets - WeTheVoters.com

Tired of the endless political squawking on television and twitter? Then, fly on over to WeTheVoters.com — an incisive, quirky, illuminating look at the electoral process and voting system in this country, brought to you by our friends at Warrior Poets.

We delivered graphics for four of their pieces — Regulation Song, Foreign Entanglements, Altered States, and American Party Animals. All of them started with an inventive and hilarious script from Warrior Poets, and it was up to us to help bring the ideas to life.

For American Party Animals, we were able to dive in with a full, hands-on crew. Each animation was unique for the flamingos, the blue jay, robin, finch etc.

The stars of our show animated by Maddy Hodgetts

The Party Animals narrative is led by birds, a simple and bold graphic stage, animated text, and graphic shapes. Inspired by a Monty Python-esque humor and muted red, white and blues, we created voting ballots and illustrations that spoke to our audience in a stripped down, comedic and imaginative way.

Check out all the pieces here. Happy viewing and happy voting! See you at the polls…

and a blue-winged rat - design, animation, and GIF by Raphael Pazoumian

October 28, 2016

Artist Spotlight: Liu Chia-Lung


We have had the pleasure of working with Liu Chia-Lung since 2012, tagging him in on everything from quick fixes to larger creative projects. Lung loves a good challenge, which makes him particularly valuable in building and customizing the toolkits our clients rely so heavily upon. His ability to animate just about anything in 2D or 3D is a talent to behold.

But on top of the technical skills, Lung brings passion, dedication and curiosity to his projects.

We feel lucky to have Lung as a core member of our team, and his work certainly reflects the quality and attention to detail we deliver at BigStar.

Animal Planet Presents Title Animation by Liu Chialung

Q&A with Lung -

Why do you spend your time doing motion graphics?
To me, motion graphics is the best way to inform people what’s going on around the world. Therefore I enjoy providing my perspective and solution to send out the message and raise people’s awareness.

What makes you love what you do, if you love it?
Besides challenging myself on design, I love how I can learn more about the world during the process.

What side of the design/graphics world are you looking in on/what makes you different?
I am really interested in the combination of design, marketing, cultures and education in general, and try to use a creative mind to solve or help social issues.

Animation for The One Show, 2015 by Liu ChiaLung

What is your ultimate goal?
My goal is to travel as much as I can and use design to share my observations. I want to explore what I have learn so people can learn something from me (with a nice visual presentation!)

How long have you been doing what you do?
I will say — not too long. I was really into crafting, screen printing and traditional fine art instead of design or filming before college, but it did polish my eyes on space, texture and material. Then after couple years of training in digital media, I became who I am now.

How do you want to be remembered?
A person who knows lots of things and was able to share in creative way.

What influenced you?
Pop art, different kinds of printing skills, toys, games and in recent years, social studies and digging deeper into Taiwanese cultures.

What are you most passionate about professionally? What most excites you about your work & the contribution you can make?
Having the ability to build connections between subjects and audience and learning from the stories.

Animation for Clinique — Spot designed and animated by Liu ChiaLung

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