Volume 2

May 13, 2016

Animal Planet Presents


When we got the call from Animal Planet to create an opening animation for a new series of high-end nature documentaries, our answer was, “You had us at hello.”

For us, the project presented the perfect opportunity to combine our love of the outdoors, animals and filmmaking.

We created an initial mood board with references that included film leader as a way to evoke a classic and cinematic feel.

reference frames

Our first round of designs had four distinct directions. The network quickly chose one that made the most of their incredible archive of high-quality footage. The library was a treasure trove for our team and a huge asset in achieving the final look.

The result is an animation that feels both reachable and endless, showcasing stunning imagery of animals and their habitats on a unique graphic stage.


May 13, 2016

MSG Networks


Sports are the lifeblood of American cities, and New York is no exception. Our hometown teams and the adulation of their respective fans are woven into the fabric of the city. From the basketball courts of Brooklyn, to the hockey rinks at Chelsea Piers, everyone is watching.

When MSG Networks asked BigStar to update their on-air promo package, we were inspired by the “United We Watch” brand mantra and inclusive brand attitude. We pushed the design to not only call out dates, times and teams but to strengthen the connection between the viewers, the teams and the stars that play for them.

We updated their brand architecture with rendered panels, fresh animations, a new editorial language, and a re-imagined color story that enables producers to create a wide range of graphically branded promos for all five home teams. From five second IDs to title cards, endpages and transitions, BigStar built a flexible plug-and-play system that is as smooth as Melo’s jumper.

color system

We were honored to bring the BigStar greater good to another MSG Networks project.


May 13, 2016

Artist Spotlight: Ned Piyadarakorn

Designer & Animator

We call him Rebel Ned.

The nickname covers a few things that we love about artist, Ned Piyadarakorn — his peripatetic lifestyle, his carefree vibe. But it also describes what we enjoy most about working with this designer. When you give Ned a project, he runs with it and the results often blow your mind in unexpected and provocative ways.

Into the Badlands Main Title Concept Frame

“I have always been intrigued by visual arts and design. I have quite a variety of interests including photography, typography, cinematography, game design, graphic design, animation, visual effects, and interior design. It seems to me that motion graphic design has a bigger chance to allow me to explore most of my interests.” — Ned Piyadarakorn

Made In America Open Title Design

After graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design back in 2011, Ned came to Bigstar as an intern. His talent quickly led to a staff position as an animator and designer. With some solid experience under his belt, he set out on his own, making a name for himself at top agencies such as The Mill, Framestore, Loyalkaspar, and Imaginary Forces.

Concept Design Frame for Games of Thrones Season III

Ned is like our very own snowbird. He migrates back to us every year as a key player on some of our most demanding projects. He embodies what we feel is an essential part of our brand — a passion for being fed creative and thought-provoking work. Ned is on the fast track to becoming a rock star creative director or maybe he’ll be designing stories from his native stomping ground in Thailand from a remote local.

We stopped guessing.

Along the way, he says he is most interested in bringing life out of the screen, utilizing motion graphics for augmented reality and experience design. Like we said, Rebel Ned.


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