Volume 14

March 29, 2018


Teaser & Promo Package

SYFY’s highly anticipated new series, Krypton, follows the journey of Superman’s grandfather in the fight to save his home planet. As we pitched six design concepts for the teaser promo, our ultimate intention was to build a sense of excitement around a new twist in the already familiar Superman origin story.

"Bloodline" and "Place & Purpose" Pitch References
Bloodline Original Storyboards

Winning the pitch with an incorporation of two concepts, our CG tease opens with a drop of blood falling onto the surface of a rocky, fiery planet, pulling outwards to reveal the familiar steel “S” logo. By rendering fully in Octane, we were able to develop a world that could marry various textures together with the fluidity of blood, the spark of fire, and the rigid materials of rock and steel.

Early Planet Render vs. Final

After successful completion of the teaser promo, we moved forward to create a versatile on-air and digital graphics package for the show as a whole. Complete with title cards, endpages, SYFY buttons, lower thirds, transitions, and backplates, our designs were used to define the overall look of the show, finalizing delivery with a custom Krypton styleguide to boot.

Krypton follows the journey of Superman’s grandfather in the fight to save his home planet.

Further on, our collaboration with SYFY progressed, as they decided to continue expanding the brand with us. With an ask for custom character spots, we dove deeper into Krypton. These :15sec spots were executed with custom rendered backgrounds of the house Glyphs, and comped with SYFY’s green-screen footage of each main character. After keying and roto-ing the footage, we polished 6 character spots that would give exclusive insight into the world of Krypton.

In final conjunction with the rest of the package, we built on the buzz around the show by creating unique “quote spots” that would incorporate production shots with various press quotes. This created a distinguished, integrated moment of the beautiful Krypton footage paired with the design we created here at BigStar.

After a continuous collaboration with SYFY, we were able to help build the Krypton brand from the ground up. A whole-hearted thanks to our partners for the heroic work!



March 29, 2018

Invisible Killers

Graphics Package

Over the course of two years, in partnership with The Documentary Group, we created a multi-faceted graphics package for Invisible Killers, a 3-part series on Discovery Channel about the origin, characteristics, and impact of viruses.

Original Design References

Covering the history and influence of ebola, influenza, and smallpox, we explored the vulnerabilities and resilience of the human body when viruses attack. All of these points helped us support and build a graphic language that could explain each stage of a virus’s life.

We began our process by researching and developing our base knowledge of viruses as a team. Once we understood each virus on a microscopic scale, we were able to then explore and collect visual reference that would allow us to conceptualize a unique design for each.

Microscopic Virus Renders

Inspired by physical, 3D and medical models of micro-organisms and the work of our creative collaborator, Susi Sie, we knew we wanted to create biologically accurate organisms, while rendering the cells in a simple and sleek style.

Using C4D and Octane rendering, we designed each microscopic virus with minute detail in order to create as visceral an image as possible. From there, we were able to visually translate how infection passes through the body.

Early Map Design to Final Map Design

We also needed to create a realistic, while non-gender-specific 3D human body, 3D maps, newspaper treatments, and infographics to illustrate the systematic flow of infectious disease invading one individual and, eventually, many.


Covering the history and influence of ebola, influenza, and smallpox, we explored the vulnerabilities and resilience of the human body when viruses attack.

The unique process with our partners at TDG allowed for robust creative back-and-forth and an informative, ultimately rewarding result. The long-term process and high number of deliverables gave us a chance to hone-in and fully realize the package, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Universal Tease - VFX by Susi Sie

March 29, 2018

Operation Odessa

Key Art & Main Title

In partnership with director, Tiller Russell, we created the main title for the true crime documentary, Operation Odessa. The film follows the story of Tarzan, a Cuban spy, and the chaos that ensues after he sells a submarine to the drug cartel. After completing the show open, we were commissioned to design a poster to be used by Showtime and Netflix- this key art is used on all platforms for the film and was illustrated in-house by our talented artists, Carol Cai and Ivan Viaranchyk. Thanks to Tiller for his collaboration throughout the process; we love how it turned out!

Operation Odessa Main Title


March 29, 2018

Artist Spotlight: Virgil Conklin


For the past four years, Virgil Conklin has established himself as one of our most seasoned producers. His drive and passion for every project that comes his way has propelled consistent, high-caliber work, helping to meet creative visions and build lasting partnerships.

Virgil’s leadership with artists and his rapport with clients both reflect his well-rounded personality and professional skill set. Whether it’s conceptualizing and pitching ideas, building style guides, or producing live action shoots, he consistently drives home exciting graphic work. We’re thrilled to showcase his projects and the insight behind them.

Q&A with Virgil Conklin -

When did you first realize you wanted to be in the industry/work as a producer?
I guess I could go as far back as middle school media club in Margaretville, roaming the halls with a camera filming ‘news’ and stitching everything together in some random editing software. But it was my first internship that I really realized that this was for me. I can remember my first professional shoot, it was for the SC Education Lottery. That energy of being on set, it really stuck with me.

What makes you love what you do?
Being able to work on a team of such talented creative folks every day is definitely at the top of my list. It’s very rewarding helping people realize their creative vision.  

Game of Thrones S7 Tease - Produced by Virgil Conklin

I’m most passionate about the opportunity to create something new and fresh every day. Something that has purpose, makes people think and feel entertained.

What perspective do you bring to the graphics world as a producer and what sets you apart?
I’d like to think I bring passion and a well-rounded knowledge of the production process- as well as a knack for understanding what our clients are looking for.

How long have you been doing what you do?
In total, 7 years, 4 of those spent at BigStar.

What were you working on before coming to BigStar?
Before I came to BigStar I worked as a production coordinator for a company called K2 Pictures. We filmed large format concerts and events – The Amnesty International: Human Rights Concert, Songwriters Hall of Fame, NBC Universal Upfront, to name a few. Before that I was a Runner at Framestore.

Final Cooking Channel Styleguide by Virgil Conklin

What/who has influenced you the most?
Lots of people have influenced me along the way. Friends and family, college professors at the University of South Carolina, mentors from my internships, bosses and co-workers. I’m inspired and influenced everyday by the people around me, it’s a part of what keeps me going.

What are you most passionate about professionally?
I’m most passionate about the opportunity to create something new and fresh every day. Something that has purpose, makes people think and feel entertained.  

How do you determine the success of a relationship with a client?
For me it’s all about making things easier for our clients. If our clients feel like they are in good, capable hands, everything falls into place. This always leads to better creative and lays the groundwork for a lasting partnership. If our clients are excited to get started on the next project with us, that’s a success.

Work Produced by Virgil Conklin


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