Volume 10

October 06, 2017

History Channel: Car Week

Image Campaign

History Channel came to us looking for an image campaign for their first ever Car Week, where collectors, buyers and traders come together to talk hot rods.

After pitching 5 ideas, one stood out above the rest and the original ask shifted into producing one bold statement.

reference & style frames

The “H” has been a key component to the History brand over the years, and they wanted to use the icon to introduce Car Week with a unique twist — and what speaks to classic american car enthusiasts better than the Muscle Car?

Our five car models

We began by stripping the “H” down to the nuts and bolts, and then immediately revved up our engines with two of our top 3D artists. We turned around the first ride and successfully delivered on creative.

The thing is, History loved it so much, they wanted an additional four. So it was off to the races once more, and our team was thrilled to jump back in.

GTO Rendering by Kevin Sanchez
Dodge Charger Rendering by Kevin Sanchez & Ned Piayadarakorn
Ford truck animation by Alec Iselin

Building and rendering these with Octane allowed us to create an accurate representation of the car’s anatomy, hone in on the details of each part, and up the production value of each render.

Scene animated by Ned Piayadarakorn

Thanks again to History Channel for their creative insight and taste. We can’t wait to see where we go next.


October 06, 2017

Road to 9/11

Promo and Show Package

The terror network that conspired to bring down the World Trade Towers on September 11th, 2001 is vast, complex, and tangled. That’s why our partners over at History & Left/Right came to us.

They asked us to create a way to organize their web of connections, which included tons of archival materials and 60 interviews with members of the CIA, FBI, and the White House, all contributing their take on the events that paved the Road to 9/11.

Early Style Guide Designed by Ross Henderson

With all of this material, we wanted a clear, concise way to move from image to information, but we didn’t want the graphics to interrupt the real, tangible storytelling as a whole. This led us to a live action approach that could be translated from the cold open and into the timeline graphics throughout.

To accomplish this, we set up an installment at Left/Right’s studio and shot panels of translucent plexiglass hung from wires. We used a Canon c300 camera on a slider to create slow, steady movement that we could use in post in various ways.

Panel Shoot

Once we digested the footage, we then comped the imagery and information using a projection technique to give the material an ethereal, memory-like quality.

Final Timeline Sliding Panel Treatment Comped and Animated by Brian Landisman
Full Frame Panel Treatment designed by Ross Henderson, Animated by Jane Wu
Type Designs by Ross Henderson, Cold Open Design & Animation by Ned Piyadarakorn

Overall, the package turned out to be powerful and arresting, all while connecting the web in a simple way.

Once we had delivered for the show, we were then asked by the folks at History to produce a :20 second promo. For this, we were able to translate what we had created for the series and make it fresh, using a red and white color palette and more frenetic movement with the lines, dots and glitches.

Promo Designs by Josh Norton
Promo Animation by Ned Piyadarakorn and Brian Landisman

It was a great collaborative process with the talented History & Left/Right teams, and we were once again enthralled by the story-telling they deliver.


October 06, 2017

Young Talent of BigStar

Ivan Viaranchyk, Carol Cai, & Alec Iselin

Three of our young powerhouse artists have pushed the limits of their creative comfort zones in the motion graphics industry. Each of them, after receiving their respective degrees, continued exploring and learning different facets of motion, eventually leading them all to our studio.

Although they come from all over the world — Belarus, California, and Ohio —  their individual walks of life only add to their motivations for the art they create on a daily basis — not just in the office, but also in their free time.

We had the chance to pick their brains a bit, and get a feel for how they see themselves and their work.




We’re excited to have fresh perspectives on our team, and can’t wait to see our collaboration continue to grow.


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