September 23, 2016

TNT: Animal Kingdom

Table Read

At BigStar, we live behind-the-scenes. So, when TNT approached us with their campaign for their new show, Animal Kingdom, we knew the project was right in our wheelhouse.

The setting of the spot is backstage at a table read, the cast gathered around scripts ready to dig in. We loved the candid, intimate feel and were drawn to the layers of the scene — the lights, hands flipping through paper, the actors. We also zeroed in on the personal exchanges — the voices, the laughter, a glance across the table.

And what designer could resist the opportunity to focus on such a seductive centerpiece? We gave the script a special spotlight — or a seat at the table, if you will — allowing the texture of the paper and typeface to really come alive.

A big thanks to TNT for coming to us with such a unique project.


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