September 03, 2018

The Purge: Mask

Tease / Launch Campaign

Floating in space, the suspense of our dark, altered America ramps up as pieces of the Purge mask connect and strengthen.

We produced this piece for USA Network’s The Purge- the new 10-part series based on the films of the same name in which all crime, including homicide, is legal for 12 hours. In collaboration with USA, we were given the opportunity to create a wide range of visuals that would ultimately set the tone for the series. With limited materials, we needed to conceptualize unique devices that would tell our story, and tease key themes of the series. Each idea had to stand alone and represent the tone, look & feel--all without the use of original show footage.


In one of three promo concepts, “Mask”, we were inspired by key Purge characters, using sound bites set to a dark environment as we built the Purge mask from the ground up. Floating in space, the suspense of our dark, altered America ramps up as pieces of the Purge mask connect and strengthen. The mask symbolizes the preparation for purge night--as the fibers interlock and weave together to form the mask, the sound bites build on top of each other to create the sense of chaos that looms as the night draws closer.

Early Mask Model by Casey Reuter
Design "roadmap" by Theo Daley & FX Render by Josh Clos

To start, we modeled the mask in ZBrush to establish the overall look and material. Once we nailed down the model, we explored various lighting and texturing avenues that led us to a dark metallic finish for the bulk of the mask, complete with copper-red eye plates. We then created a roadmap that would draw out how each piece of material would come together to conform the final render.

3D Animation by Alec Iselin & Josh Clos

In animation, Houdini gave us the best results for the interlocking motion and pushed us to work outside of our typical 3D workflow. Once we refined each piece of the cut, we worked on mastering the final audio mix with our partners over at Plush.

First to final mask

A big thanks to our ongoing collaboration with the USA team--keep reading for all of the spots we created for this year’s campaign.

Capabilities & Credits:

Original Concept, 3D Design, 3D Animation
Exec. Creative Director - Josh Norton
Exec. Producer - Carson Hood
Producer - Virgil Conklin

Design - Josh Clos, Theo Daley, Casey Reuter
ZBrush Modeler - Casey Reuter
Animation & Compositing - Josh Clos, Alec Iselin

Mix & Sound Design - Plush

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