August 16, 2017


The Documentary Group Rebrand

The Documentary Group has been a creative partner of ours for the past few years. When they came to us looking for a rebrand, we took it as a chance to get to know their process, message, and goals on a deeper level.

TDG Design by Doug Chang

The Documentary Group name as a whole tells their message, but we wanted to condense the logo into 3 letters, focusing on which letters had the most impact and meaning. We dissected the words down to TDG and used a mix of bold and thin letterforms to highlight the DG.

Logo Design Exploration Poster for TDG office

We also wanted to introduce a mark that could live and work on print, digital, and black and white backgrounds. After exploring many shapes and colors, we landed on a circle that served as our device to separate the acronym from the full title, and add a level of punctuation and strength.

This circle also played simply to the idea of a record button, and we brought that idea into animation in a subtle way.

TDG Final Logo Animation no. 1 by Amber Xu & Liu Chialung

Once we had our first round of animation, we knew we wanted footage to live inside the letters, as if you were passing imagery in a subway car or filtering through different mediums — never quite seeing the full picture until finally landing on the shot that brings you straight into the action. Ultimately, we delivered two types of final logo animations, business cards, letterheads, and presentation deck templates.

TDG Final Logo Animation no. 2 by Amber Xu & Liu Chialung

It’s always a pleasure to work with our friends at TDG, and the rebranding process was highly collaborative and rewarding. Thanks again to the team for the experience!


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