August 16, 2017

MTV SafeWord

Show Package

MTV’s new show, Safeword, introduces top celebrities hashing it out through daring games and comedic challenges. When Matador asked us to create a graphics package, we knew we had to create a sexy, colorful and youthful look.

As with most broadcast show packages, we began researching different ways type and color could work across multiple platforms and what elements and approaches we could take to create the right mood.

Our research allowed us to explore some really interesting and fun avenues, and we explored bright colors and spaces for our talent to live.

We landed on a neon approach for our main title. The words move around our talent, highlighting them as the central focus and framing them in the title of the show until the final resolve.

Once our look was defined, the network wanted to customize the main title for each episode. This allowed us to create episodic opens for each new celebrity to be introduced in a unique and crafted way.

Using the neon and gradient across the board, we were able to translate the main title into the lower thirds, score boards, and social media elements.

It was great to work with our friends at Matador and build our relationship with MTV — we look forward to continue developing stories together down the road.


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