April 11, 2016

Cookies for Kids' Cancer

Benefit Video

There are always projects that you want to do and are excited to produce. But every once in a while, there is a project that you not only want to do, but feel honored to be asked. The Cookies for Kids’ Cancer benefit video really tops our list this year.

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If you do not yet know the name Liam Witt, you will be glad you do by the end of this post. Liam, a curious, smart, and loving child, bravely fought pediatric cancer for four years. When he lost that battle, his parents, Gretchen and Larry, turned their sorrow into action, starting Cookies as a way to raise money for pediatric cancer research (which typically receives less than 4% of the National Cancer Institute’s budget).

design exploration

Since they started in 2008, they have helped fund over 80 research projects. The work that they do is truly amazing.

Inspired by Liam’s love of cooking and his desire to one day become a chef, every year, Cookies is joined by several top chefs in New York City for an evening of food and fundraising. Our partners at Left/Right asked us to join them in creating a video for the event that would speak to Liam’s courage and charisma, as well as the incredible impact Cookies has made in saving children’s lives.

We began by looking at what inspired us most — Liam’s positivity and his insatiable curiosity throughout his journey. His doctors recall him as always ready with a question. We shot at the clinic where Liam spent months receiving treatments. His parents remember him looking out one window in particular — a window that looked directly across the street and into research labs with scientists racing to find a cure — his cure. That never happened for Liam, but his parents are doing everything they can to create a cure for the next child sitting at that window. We are so grateful to Cookies for their work, their heart and their message, and to Left/Right for allowing us to help spread the word.

Watch “Windows & Bridges” to hear the full, incredible story.


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