April 11, 2016

Artist Spotlight: Josh Norton

Founder / Exec. Creative Director

Josh Norton, Co-founder and Creative Director of BigStar, always had a hard time being told what to do. After graduating from the highly regarded Savannah College of Art and Design and cutting his teeth at top production companies like Imaginary Forces and Version 2, it seemed only fitting that he would break out on his own. With longtime friend, Alex Krawitz, Norton started BigStar over a decade ago with the idea of providing clients with powerful, effective communications through quality and timeless design work. But more than that, Norton wanted the work that came from his studio to stir the emotions of his clients and viewers.

In achieving that goal, Norton plays a hands-on role in all levels of production, setting the creative tone for all projects and overseeing all motion graphics, animation and live-action production. Touching every part of what BIGSTAR generates is an extension of his client-driven focus. He is a collaborator by reputation, one that has helped a range of clients identify and achieve their goals. From major networks like HBO, Showtime and AMC, to Academy Award-winning directors, to global advertising agencies, BigStar’s client base continues to expand with every new commission.

BIGSTAR’s title reel: created, curated, and edited by Josh Norton.

"Design and communications overall have a lot of subjectivity and a lot of personality that goes into the craft, so you have to connect with people", Norton said. "We find the best solution and take into account what our clients are dealing with. We’re here to make their lives easier and do great creative work."

Norton says it never really feels like work; the world of motion graphics combines so much of what he loves — animation, illustration, typography, film, sound, music and story.

"I’m constantly listening to new music, and thinking about sounds, motion, and physics. The combination of worlds is what keeps it exciting."

He also looks for inspiration in the worlds of fashion, photography and graphic design, but is just as easily moved by a walk through his downtown Manhattan neighborhood. Though his beard and his cat might indicate otherwise, he does not live in Brooklyn.


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