July 17, 2018

Artist Spotlight: Josh Clos

3D Generalist and FX Artist

As one of our go-to CG artists, Josh Clos embodies the combination of a technical mind with a creative one. With each 3D-heavy project that comes our way, we can count on Josh to come up with fresh methods, techniques and software alternatives to give our renders customized characteristics.

It is apparent through collaborations such as GoT Sigils, The Americans, and The Man in the High Castle, that he has added a unique realism to each--bringing to life visually compelling and consistently inventive sequences.

We’re always excited to bring him on board and can’t wait to see what we get to work on next. Below, we take a peek behind the curtain into his inspirations, motivations & work.

Game of Thrones: Sigils - FX by Josh Clos

Q&A with Josh Clos -

When did you first realize you wanted to be a vfx artist?
When I was a kid, I saw The Matrix and it absolutely blew my mind. Fangirling over that movie introduced me to this career and I was instantly enamored.

What makes you love what you do?
The field is centered around entertainment so I consider myself a backstage entertainer. When people enjoy something I worked on, it’s very rewarding. Visual effects became my biggest hobby so I’m lucky to do it for a living.

The Man in the High Castle - FX by Josh Clos

What is your ultimate goal as an artist?
I’m still figuring that one out so for now my goal is to learn as much as possible. From a technical perspective, I would love to pioneer a new and unseen 3D process, which is an ambitious goal but I’ve been inspired by the brilliant technical minds in the field.

How long have you been a 3D generalist?
It’s been 8 years already!

What/who has influenced you the most?
My colleague and friend Mike, who became a mentor while introducing me to particle systems and dynamic effects which became my main focus. He also opened the door to scripting and programming and taught me valuable lessons in mathematics and linear algebra, and their uses in computer graphics.

Preacher: Angelville - FX by Josh Clos

...I consider myself a backstage entertainer. When people enjoy something I worked on, it’s very rewarding.

What are you most passionate about professionally?
Precision overall and physical accuracy in simulations. By now, I’m sure my colleagues are tired of hearing me say the phrase “physically accurate.” I’m always fascinated by the results of a 3D simulation that really looks realistic.

Do you have any side-projects you continue to work on?
Absolutely! I like to stay busy doing projects and tests on the side because it allows me the freedom to experiment without deadlines and helps me stay current on new software.

The Americans S6 - FX by Josh Clos

Preacher: Angelville

Next Project: Preacher: Angelville
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