September 23, 2016

Artist Spotlight: Doug Chang


A designer and art director with a refined eye, Doug Chang has developed some of our most well-rounded and attention-grabbing projects.

The projects he’s worked on at BigStar have been wide-ranging and dynamic — from on-air promos, to documentary title sequences, and film design.

Design Frame for 15 Septembers Later by Doug Chang
Design Frame for 15 Septembers Later by Doug Chang

When creating, Doug brings a boatload of technique, skill and experience to bear. He loves solving a wide range of design problems and takes visual storytelling to the next level.

Alt Design Frame for RATS by Doug Chang

His work is highly conceptual and visually stunning. At BigStar, we relish in collaborating closely with Doug, as he drives design from good — to great.

Q&A with Doug Chang -

Why do you spend your time doing motion graphics?
I’m already spending most of my time dreaming about how the future could look, so I might as well play with those imaginations and spin those wheels into motion. If I could just paint and sculpt all day, motion graphics is the place I’d be doing it.

What makes you love what you do, if you love it?
I love starting new projects on unfamiliar subject matter. I love picturing possible solutions to solve a design problem. What’s great about being involved in the initial concept development phase is discovering new ways of looking at something. It’s about drawing connections and relationships to metaphors that are unseen to the everyday eye, seeing something rare and unique in a single moment, and obsessing about how to share that vision to make it timeless. That discovery and exploration is what I love most.

What side of the design/graphics world are you looking in on/what makes you different?
I’m interested in how design has the ability to engage new audiences and make people care. Bringing awareness into the spotlight forces us to question our current and future attitudes about our behavior.

Design Frame for 15 Septembers Later by Doug Chang

What is your goal?
Early retirement extreme. I’m half-kidding. I have a passion for film making and installation art — both mediums that can take an audience through a journey I create. I’m hoping our entry into virtual reality soon will let me play with my creative goals there.

How long have you been doing what you do?
I’ve been doing it my entire life. I began making videos with my brothers since I was a kid and cut them together by attaching VCR’s together, spliced with a Walkman and Super Nintendo for sound effects. I made stop motion shorts with toys and bad pixel animations on the revolutionary Mario Paint game on Super Nintendo.

Design Frame for The One Show 2016 by Doug Chang

How do you want to be remembered?
I’d like people to say that Doug was every man’s underdog hero. He had a way of hacking things together and making them work together somehow. He had a vision and left the world a little more spirited than the way he found it.

What influenced you?
Skateboarding and graffiti art. That’s what started it all. Both helped me to understand surfaces, balance, environments, brands, letterforms, composition as well as how important it is to break the rules. Experimenting with contemporary and conceptual art at the University of California, Irvine shaped my perspective as an emerging artist. Then came Art Center College of Design, where my craft shared with mentors and peers, pushed me to refine and redefine my design sensibilities. All of these influences go hand in hand together.

What are you most passionate about professionally? What most excites you about your work & the contribution you can make?
What excites me the most in our profession, is that we can make something from absolutely nothing. It’s a gift. A gift that really could do some good for the world.

Doug’s Initial Designs for The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth

The One Show

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