October 28, 2016

American Party Animals

Warrior Poets - WeTheVoters.com

Tired of the endless political squawking on television and twitter? Then, fly on over to WeTheVoters.com — an incisive, quirky, illuminating look at the electoral process and voting system in this country, brought to you by our friends at Warrior Poets.

We delivered graphics for four of their pieces — Regulation Song, Foreign Entanglements, Altered States, and American Party Animals. All of them started with an inventive and hilarious script from Warrior Poets, and it was up to us to help bring the ideas to life.

For American Party Animals, we were able to dive in with a full, hands-on crew. Each animation was unique for the flamingos, the blue jay, robin, finch etc.

The stars of our show animated by Maddy Hodgetts

The Party Animals narrative is led by birds, a simple and bold graphic stage, animated text, and graphic shapes. Inspired by a Monty Python-esque humor and muted red, white and blues, we created voting ballots and illustrations that spoke to our audience in a stripped down, comedic and imaginative way.

Check out all the pieces here. Happy viewing and happy voting! See you at the polls…

and a blue-winged rat - design, animation, and GIF by Raphael Pazoumian

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