September 03, 2018

The Purge: Better America

Tease / Launch Campaign

“Is this real or what?” was the question we wanted our audience to ask when our provocative, graphic-driven tease for “Better America” was made public--and with over 2M views across social media, the responses have that question popping up everywhere.

Original Key Art Concepts

Our idea stemmed from the data-based political ads proliferated in our media, while we fully embraced the propaganda-like spin. As we searched through references of the a-typical ad campaign, we knew we could produce a visual language that would be both believable and satirical.

Animation by Alec Iselin & Jane Wu

This spot also called for a convincing script, which we crafted fully in-house. Creating faux statistics, we built infographic visuals driven by “inspiring” voice over to create a sense of duty that the Purge calls for.

Unlike the other two spots, this spot was built entirely in After Effects, as the simplicity of the 2D charts and graphs drives you visually through each statistic and makes it feel uncanny to a real campaign ad.

Animation by Alec Iselin & Jane Wu
The Purge USA - Key Art (Instagram - @thepurgetv)

Thanks again to USA for the collaborative effort on this spot and the launch campaign in its entirety--we had a lot of fun with this one!

Animation by Alec Iselin & Jane Wu

Capabilities & Credits:

Original Concept, Script/Writing, Design, Animation
Exec. Creative Director - Josh Norton
Exec. Producer - Carson Hood
Producer - Virgil Conklin
Design Director - Ross Henderson

Design - Doug Chang, Ross Henderson
Animation - Jane Wu, Alec Iselin

Mix & Sound Design - Plush

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